Warehouse Inventory Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

WIMS (Warehouse Inventory Management Solution) for CRM is a mobile and web based barcode scanner warehouse and inventory management solution by 2B Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows users to track and manage all elements of the warehousing world – inventory, orders, customers, and more!


This solution consists of CRM customizations/add-ons as well as a custom mobile application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is easily customizable.


WIMS for CRM Features:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer Management
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Scanning!
  • Shipping Information

Probably you also need to scan barcodes. Not only do you need scan barcodes, but that data needs wireless integrate with your database. WIMS Mobile includes this functionality and integration. It is packed with features and functionality but can also be customized for your business and processes.

With WIMS you can perform tasks such as:

  • Item Lookup
  • Physical Count
  • Receiving
  • Order Picking
  • Transfers

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MailPlus & the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

Mail Plus is email marketing software for marketers and communications professionals.
The solution is elected for four years in a row as nr. 1 email marketing solution by Emerce100. More than 2,500 organizations are sending their mailings with Mail Plus.

There are various connectors available to integrate with any other system as easy as possible and one of them is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector.

With the connector Contacts between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Mail Plus are exchanged. So you always have the most current contact information. An e-mail address that is unreachable, is registered as a bounce in Mail Plus. Such a bounce is automatically monitored by the Connector in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a task, so the account manager can check the data and take action.


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Course Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Steer Course is a solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint for course and event management. Steer Course can also be easily integrated with company’s ERP system to provide effective invoicing.

The solution supports both online/on-premises CRM and on-premises SharePoint. Steer Course is fully integrated with Office and Outlook allowing automation and tracking of communications with your internal and external users.

Steer Course offers complete management functionality: resource management, event registration, attendee management, integrated marketing campaigns, business intelligence/reporting, invoicing, accommodation (housing/hotel) management and instructor management.

Steer Course supports

Continuing education
Employee education
Attendee management

Steer Course offers

Attendee registration
Role-based profiles
Course calendar Overview
Ex-participant communication
Document management

Steer Course connects

Online course portal
Dynamics CRM integration
Document libraries through SharePoint
Outlook integration

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New Social Media add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: PowerSocial

PowerSocial, a social media add-on, os a marketing tool that provides users the ability to monitor and post social messages directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The add-on currently supports Twitter and LinkedIn. After PowerSocial is installed, users can create “Publishers” that can then be used to post to Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. With this tool, users can schedule messages ahead of time, as well as require approval before posts go live. The social monitor also allows users to monitor other Twitter users, hashtags, and groups, as well as LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and groups.


PowerSocial comes with a security role that determines what type of access different users have to the add-on’s functionality. Administrators use this security role to determine who has access to PowerSocial, who can see messages posted in CRM, who can compose messages, and who can approve and post messages.

Users will have the option to sync PowerSocial with Bitly—a URL shortening and bookmarking service— to easily shorten links in social posts. This feature also allows users to view valuable Bitly click statistics within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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PowerObjects Releases New PowerPhone Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

PowerObjects has recently released PowerPhone. This new PowerPack add-on has a screen pop feature, which saves users from having to search through different areas of CRM when they receive a phone call.

When a user receives an incoming call, PowerPhone will pop a new screen with the caller’s CRM record. If the caller’s number is related to multiple records, the application will pull all related records into a grid providing users with the option of selecting which record should be opened. If the caller is not related to any record in a user’s CRM system, PowerPhone will pull open a search screen in order to conduct a search for the caller. Users can also choose which entities to search across and what phone number fields to include in the search for an incoming phone call.


PowerPhone also has a dialer that can place outgoing calls directly from a user’s machine. Users can keep track of incoming and outgoing calls with the PowerPhone log. The add-on currently works with TAPI type 2 and 3 drivers and has been tested with Asterisk and Cisco. While the current version of PowerPhone can only support incoming calls, a future version will include a click to dial feature.

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Training & Adoption Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

To make it easier to create jour own training materials for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, links are available on the Microsoft Customer Center site to several editable eBook and help files that you can customize any way you like. There’s also video material available.


Start working in CRM
Gives a quick overview of CRM basics, including how to work with contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, and cases. Designed for first-time users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What’s changed in CRM 2013?
Shows where things have changed in the new user interface. Great for users who are familiar with previous versions of CRM, who want to get up and running quickly with CRM 2013.

Bring in your contacts
Shows how to use a wizard to import contacts from an email program, your phone, or a spreadsheet.

Business processes
Provides a good intro to business processes, which help you follow consistent steps when you work with customers.

Change a business process
By walking you through an example, explains how to use the business process editor to add a stage and steps to a business process. Intended for CRM admins or managers who want to learn how to adapt a business process to match the way your organization does things.

Quick reference card for customer service reps
In an easy-to-read format, shows how to create, edit, and resolve service cases.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Guide
Includes all the help topics published on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customer Center. Copy, paste, and edit text and procedures as needed.

Read more on the Customer Center site.

Human Resource Management using the powerful customization infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

GenbilHR Is Human Resource Management software using the powerful customization infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

GenbilHR consists of the following modules:
- Organizational Management
- Personnel Management
- Recruitment Management
- Training Management
- Administrative Management
- Performance Management
- MyHR (Self-service HR)
- Report Management

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Sneak Peek of new CRMGamified 2014 Edition at Convergence 2014!

CRMGamified is an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM which aims to motivate CRM user engagement and adoption. The tool incorporates a set of game mechanics including badges, leader boards, levels, real-time feedback, mobile client, social interactions among others to the CRM system.
Managers can use this tool to automatically reward sales force, marketing and customer support teams (among others) for recording their activity in the system, like closing opportunities, qualifying leads or achieving a sales quota.


CRMGamified is getting new features and a cool new user interface. At Convergence 2014 you can get a personalized demo of the CRMGamified 2014 Edition!


New features:

New architecture
- New foundations for improved maintainability and extensibility

New UX
- Redesigned user experience, for a clean, modern user interface, with usability in mind.

Responsive design
- Great user experience wherever you are. The user interface components detect the screen size and layout and adjust automatically to allow a good experience in a variety of devices.

Grow as much as you can
- Not fixed levels, missions or any other artificial constraints. The system could be configured to suit each customer needs.

User centered view
- See how well you are doing, your progress and your achievements, all in one place.
- Check other users’ showcase as well and see how they are progressing in the game.

Because games are not just about collecting points
- Greatly improved game experience. Elements such as missions and levels for longer term engagement, contests to encourage players to do their best, collaborative awards to promote team-work, spontaneous challenges to keep players engaged, etc., enhance the whole game experience.

Multiples modes
- The user can participate in different contexts, with each having its own set of rules. Rules that govern the sales game could be independent of those of Customer Service, therefore, different behaviors can be stimulated in each game.

Feedback everywhere
- Users get feedback about which actions contribute to the company goals, and their relative importance. Feedback influence motivation, which affects the resulting actions in a virtuous cycle.

Share, comment, socialize
- Social experience is improved by sharing activities, highlighting awards, and allowing employees to congratulate and be congratulated by partners about their work.

Source: CRMGamified blog

Online Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: E-Mark

E-Mark offers cloud based products that help companies to manage, create, design, distribute and analyze campaigns.

Emark.Mail is software to manage, create, design, distribute and analyse your newsletter or converting emailing. Emark.Mail has an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM! The integration makes it possible to create and distribute an email campaign directly in your Microsoft CRM system.


Emark.Open enables companies to collect all accessible data centrally by connecting different systems to one platform.

Emark.Open can open data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Business Intelligence or Analytics software, or unstructured behavioural or social media data.

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